What defines your Photography style?

Your wedding pictures should be about you and not just of you. We are looking to capture the real you and that means who you are and how you feel about your intended spouse, your family, your friends and your wedding day.We take great pride in having our images portray the the story of your day and capturing candid, emotion filled images. Other than the traditional family and bridal party formals, none of our shots are posed. We may give a little direction here and there, but mainly the shots are natural interactions and feelings, as they should be.

How do we hire you?

Booking us is a piece of cake. All that is required is execution of our contract and a retainer deposit. This can be done in person, over the web, and even via snail mail if that is your preference. Please contact us for more info!

How soon until our photos are ready?

Typically your disc and all retouched photos will be ready 4-6 weeks after your event. Album production takes about 5-8 weeks after design approval.

Do you guys travel?

Absolutely. We are willing (and love to) travel anywhere for your event.

Our photography philosophy is all about capturing the moments. Our goal is to create exceptional images filled with emotion; images that can be cherished forever. We look for images that are classy and tasteful and we always focus on the details. Each and every event is unique and so should be the photos. White Label Photography is based out of the San Francisco Bay Area and is able to capture your story world wide.
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